Amazon founder became the richest businessman in the world

According to Forbes counter in real time, as Bezos is $90.6 billion, and gates — $90,1 billion, to Bypass the gates, the Bezos allowed the growth of Amazon’s stock, on July 27 at the opening of trading on the NASDAQ Thursday paper online retailer rose 1.8%.

In March, the global ranking of billionaires Forbes, Bezos was located only on the third place with $72.8 bn (calculated as of February 17). Thus, for five and a half months Bezos became richer by $17.8 billion.

The main asset Bezos is the share’s largest online retailer, Amazon (who owns 16.7% of the company). The company was founded in 1994 as an online bookstore in 1997 held its IPO. Amazon has become one of those companies that managed to survive the “dotcom crash” (sudden collapse of the shares of high-tech sector in 2000). The capitalization of the company in recent months steadily increased since the beginning of the year it rose by $146 billion on July 26, Amazon was worth more than $500 billion (in the U.S. only three other such companies — Google, Apple and Microsoft). The most recent major transaction Amazon was the acquisition of a network of health food stores Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion

In addition, the Bezos owned aerospace company Blue Origin. The company was founded in 2001, but the first customer she has appeared only in March 2017 — the contract for the launch was concluded with the French satellite operator Eutelsat. The goal of Blue Origin is the development of space tourism as a business. In 2014, a company spokesman said that Bezos has invested in Blue Origin is at least $500 million In April 2017, the businessman said that Blue Origin funded by selling shares of Amazon at $1 billion annually. In the spring of 2016 Bezos said that the company will start to send tourists into space in 2018. For these purposes, will be built six ships of the New Shepard, capable of lifting six passengers to an altitude of over 100 km above the Earth’s surface — enough to feel weightlessness and see the planet from space.

Bezos also owns a newspaper The Washington Post (he bought it in 2013 for $250 million).

The businessman first came to Forbes in 1998, a year after the IPO, Amazon — with a fortune of $1.6 billion By 2007 his condition had reached $4.4 billion, in five years it grew to $18.4 billion On continued robust growth of wealth Bezos has affected growth of stock quotes of Amazon.

53-year-old Bezos — one of the billionaires who are not participating in the campaign “the giving pledge” (The Giving Pledge). The essence of the campaign, initiated by Warren Buffett and bill gates, is to donate much of his fortune to charity. In particular, bill gates during his career in business gave to charity about $33 billion according to The New York Times, citing open data and media reports, Bezos has donated to charity $100 million In June, a businessman in his microblog on Twitter asked for tips on the subject of for what purpose he could donate funds.

Gates, which Bezos managed to beat, for the thirty-year history of Forbes rating, took first place 23 times. In addition to his most wealthy people on the planet, the magazine was recognized Japanese Yoshiaki Tsutsumi and Taikichiro Maury (construction magnates of the late 1980’s-early 1990-ies), Mexican Carlos slim (which owns telecommunications companies Telefonos de Mexico and America Movil), Warren Buffett (owner of investment company Berkshire Hathaway). In addition, in 2016, the founder of clothing retailer Inditex (brands Zara, Bershka, Pull & Bear) Amancio Ortega managed a couple of days to get around the gates online, the counter States.