Co-owner of AVTOVAZ became the largest automaker in the world

According to the results for the first half, Renault-Nissan sold 5,268 million vehicles worldwide, reports the Financial Times. Among the factors contributing to this result, — to join the Alliance, Mitsubishi Motors in October, the recovery in demand for cars in Russia and increase sales in Europe. Sales of Renault vehicles around the world increased by more than 10% to 1,879 million cars.

Thus, Renault-Nissan was the largest car manufacturer in the first half of 2017. Its closest rivals — Volkswagen and Toyota — in the first six months reported sales of 5,155 million and 5,129 million, respectively. Sales of General Motors for the six months amounted to 4.7 million vehicles.

Renault previously reported record operating profit in the first half of 2017 — €1.8 billion Profit from the work of Renault in Russia amounted to €3 million As the FT notes, Russia is now Renault’s largest market after France.

The joint venture Renault-Nissan and Rostec — Alliance Rostec Auto BV, owns 64.6% of shares of AVTOVAZ. At the same time in SP, according to the calculations of RBC, shares are distributed as follows: 21.2% of the “Rostec” and 40.7% in Renault-Nissan.