The Ministry of transport decided to test the pilots for HIV and drugs

Despite the continued Exodus of pilots in Russia decided to tighten the requirements for such professionals. In the current edition of Federal aviation regulations, the members of the flight crew (pilots and other aircrew members and flight attendants) and air traffic controllers to undergo a medical examination in a special flight Commission must present a military ID and documents about the health — medical record, patient card, or statement from her. Now the Ministry of transport has suggested that the members of the flight crew and dispatchers when applying for a job has also presented the conclusions of the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist; the results of blood tests for HIV, viral markers of hepatitis b and C, syphilis (RW), the results of chemical and Toxicological studies on the presence in the body of narcotic drugs, psychoactive substances and their metabolites. This is stated on the website of legal information.

Discussion of amendments of the Ministry of transport will run until August 8, the estimated date of their entry into force in September 2017, provided in the project description. Now these rules apply only for students of specialized educational institutions and staff of the airports.

Medical examination (medical, surgical and neurological), the pilot should be held for their own account or for the account of the company, according to aviation rules. The price is 5-7 thousand rubles, according to industry information portal And the delivery of additional tests, offered by the Ministry of transport, will cost a comparable amount to 5 thousand rubles, follows from the explanations of the representative of the network of clinics “in vitro”. Thus, the cost analyses of the candidates will almost double.

In March, the Deputy Minister of transport Sergey Aristov stated that there are discussions about the crews checking for the presence in the blood of drugs and alcohol directly before the flight and after it. But on this issue the Ministry has not yet submitted proposals.

In current Federal aviation regulations have the app, according to which is determined by the fitness of the pilot to flight operations. In paragraph 42.1 this Annex States that pilots, flight attendants, dispatchers, and students of specialized educational institutions in the presence of HIV is recognized as unfit. This item was kept until 2011, when pilot Alexander Stepashin, suspended from work because he has discovered the human immunodeficiency appealed the decision in court. In the end, the Supreme court recognized this point invalid, with the exception of cases of inability to carry out professional work for health reasons. After that, the Ministry of transport has amended the aircraft rules, according to which the assessment of fitness for flight operations HIV experts conducts Central medical flight expert Commission.

Representatives of the Ministry of transport and Rosaviation has not yet responded to requests to RBC.

The representative of the airline “Nordavia” noted that the amendments of the Ministry of transport can prolong the procedure of hiring and will make the process more costly for airlines. “Now before the hiring of flight crews, including flight attendants, management personnel of the airline “Nordavia” receives from the selected candidates of the reference of the Ministry of interior about the lack of criminal record, and since the beginning of this year — and even help the lack of accountability for the use of psychoactive substances,” he added.

The representative of the S7 failed to give prompt comment. Representatives of “Aeroflot” and “Ural airlines” has refused to comment on the proposal of the Ministry of transport.

The President of the Sheremetyevo trade Union of flight personnel (SPLS) Igor Delduca noted that airlines already conduct regular testing of staff for alcohol and drugs. According to him, the employment contract usually has a clause about unscheduled checks of flight crews before and after the flight. “If the specialist refuses, then automatically guilty, and this is followed by the dismissal,” — said Delduca. According to him, the crews usually sympathetic to the inspection and don’t let them.

The tightening of requirements against the backdrop of the outflow of specialists in Asian countries. Over the past two and a half years at work in Asia has left more than 300 commanders of aircraft and instructors (about 100 of them in China), with another 400 people in the employment process, wrote in June, “Kommersant”. “The pilots trooped away in Asia and China, where wages are half to two times higher,”- said on the sidelines of the St Petersburg international economic forum the General Director of “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev. In order to keep pilots, the company decided to introduce additional incentives — quarterly bonuses from 75 thousand to 240 thousand rubles., depending on experience.

The head of the analytical center of the company “Aviapersonal” Margarita Uschina believes that stricter requirements for medical examinations may aggravate the situation with the shortage of specialists. “Most likely, the project will be more changes. Now the tougher time,” she said.