Saakashvili said about the deprivation of his citizenship on the basis of fake profiles

Former President of Georgia and former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili announced that he was deprived of Ukrainian citizenship on the basis of the paper which are filled and which is not his signature. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

“I’m in shock! Just watched a copy of the questionnaire, which was published with the filing of the administration of President [of Ukraine] is one of the leaders of his faction”, — Saakashvili said, citing a post of the head of the Ukrainian delegation in PACE and Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Ariev in Facebook.

In it the MP, in particular, pointed out that “on political grounds of loss Saakashvili Ukrainian citizenship is debatable, but in regard to the legal [bases] — no doubt”. “When you apply for citizenship, Saakashvili himself signed the order that he is aware of the possibility of loss of nationality because of the provision of false information in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on citizenship,” said the Aryans, stressing that, “if then, in 2015, (at the time of filing of the document. — RBC) [Saakashvili] would have written in the questionnaire honestly and received citizenship, and now the reason for [his] loss would not give”. For his recording of the MP attached a photo copy of one page of the document stating the place of residence and telephone number of the applicant, and dated may 23, 2015 his signature under the record of the confirmation that he is not under investigation in the territory of other States.

“On the basis of this paper the President has deprived me of my citizenship,” — said Saakashvili. “Now, I responsibly claim that this is not my signature and I have not filled in the questionnaire!” — he said, demanding “immediately to carry out handwriting examination”. “Here we are dealing with a criminal offence!” — Saakashvili declared, adding that “right now”, in his opinion, everyone should understand, “how high up in the power of the state [of Ukraine] has been infiltrated by crooks.”

“Here is my signature — the document from the official archives of the Presidential library, Saakashvili in Tbilisi,” — wrote the late former President of Georgia, attaching to the record a photo of the facade of the library, which also depicts his autograph.

“By the way, since I’m in Ukraine, I’m usually signed in Cyrillic”, — said Saakashvili.

It the Aryans in turn, said that “this questionnaire is contained in the case of the migration service on the basis of which [the former Governor] was granted citizenship.” “I became interested in”, — said the Ukrainian parliamentarian, noting that he was able to figure out the “application to the migration service (which materials went to the President’s administration) in 2015, prepared and served by his [Saakashvili’s] assistants, not he himself.”

“Even retroactively designed,” added the Aryans, however, without giving his words any documentary evidence. “And if the signature is not Saakashvili, there is a new, more urgent issue — the citizenship was granted on the basis of false documents? And this is much more serious than just lie on the questionnaire”, he concluded.

Before in interview to the edition “Ukrainian truth”, the former head of Odessa region declared that he was mistaken in the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. It, as noted by Saakashvili, are only interested in making money. Then on July 29 in an interview with TV channel “Rustavi” former Georgian President also said that depriving him of citizenship of Ukraine, the Ukrainian leader has violated the Constitution and international obligations. “I am a citizen of Ukraine, no matter what,” said Saakashvili, noting that, in his opinion, “thinks the majority of citizens of Ukraine”.

Ukrainian citizenship to ex-the Governor of Odessa region was denied on July 26. Then the corresponding decree was signed by the President of Ukraine. In the Ukrainian migration service, in turn, clarified that it happened due to the fact that the former President of Georgia has indicated incorrect data in the application, namely — wrote that are not under investigation in Ukraine or beyond its limits, despite the fact that in may 2015 he was arrested in absentia in Georgia.

Citizenship of Ukraine received 29 may 2015. Then, in December 2015, was stripped of his Georgian citizenship. As reported by the RBC press-attache Saakashvili Darina Siskin, for the restoration of Ukrainian passport ex-head of Odessa region going to fight “in court and through the streets.”