The border guards have promised not to allow Saakashvili to Ukraine

As reported by the publication “Commander in chief” the assistant to the Chairman of the State border service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan, his Agency intends to act within the law. “If you ignore the names, the citizen, whose owner is an invalid passport is not able to cross the border of Ukraine”, — he said.

Slobodyan also said that the detention of any citizen is not within the purview of his Department. According to him, this should be handled by the National police unit. “I do not know about the existence of this order. And even if I did know, I’m not at liberty to divulge that information, ” he added.

Earlier, Ukrainian MP Mustafa Nayem felt that Saakashvili may enter the territory of the country as the passport he has. Nye suggested that the document the former President of Georgia valid because it was not annulled by the representative of the Migration service. In addition, Nye noted that Saakashvili officially no one gave a certificate stating that it is devoid of citizenship.

Himself a former Governor of the Odessa region in interview to “the Ukrainian truth”, said that he knows the way how to get to Ukraine, Recalling that at one time he served in the frontier troops.

Poroshenko, on 26 July signed a decree on depriving Saakashvili of the citizenship of Ukraine. The cause of the deprivation Saakashvili Ukrainian citizenship was the fact that the politician submitted false data when applying for a passport of the country.