Putin signed a law on horticultural and gardening associations

MOSCOW, July 30. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Federal law on gardening and horticulture for their own needs, reported Sunday on the Kremlin website.

The law “establishes the legal bases of regulation of relations arising in connection with the conduct of the citizens of horticulture for their own needs, and identifies specific features of civil law provisions created for these purposes, non-profit organizations”, reads the note of State law Department.

It is envisaged that for gardening and horticulture citizens can be created of gardening noncommercial Association and gardening noncommercial Association, establishes requirements for the creation, reorganization and liquidation of such partnerships, manage and monitor their activities, and especially the membership of citizens in these associations. In addition, it defines the rights and responsibilities of citizens in the conduct of their gardening individually (without participation in a partnership and creating a partnership).

The law also regulates the relations for the extraction of groundwater horticultural non-commercial associations and non-profit gardening associations, including introduces provisions aimed at simplifying the licensing of wells owned by these partnerships. Mandatory licensing such wells shall come into force on 1 January 2020.

Provides for transitional provisions governing the relations established previously in the field of gardening, vegetable gardening and cottage economy. In particular, it is established that the constituent documents and the names of non-profit organizations, created by citizens for gardening, vegetable garden or country farms, are subject to enforcement in accordance with new requirements of Federal law by the first modification of constituent documents of such organizations.

Federal law passed by the Parliament on July 20 and approved by the Federation Council on 25 July 2017.