Medvedev approved the program “Digital economy”

GORKI, July 31. /TASS/. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the program of development of digital economy in Russia. The head of government said at a meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers.

Medvedev has reminded that earlier the programme was discussed at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, after which he was sent back for revision.

“The goal of the program is to organize a system of development and implementation of digital technologies in all areas of life – in the economy and in business, social activities and in public administration, social sphere and municipal economy, – stressed the head of government. – Putting the economy in figure – matter of our global competitiveness and national security. The horizon program execution 2024”.

According to him, the program consists of five areas dedicated to the normative regulation, education, human resources, formation of research competences and IT infrastructure and cyber security. “As a result, we must have a fully digital environment,” he said. Medvedev noted that this medium is evolving now, however, this process should be significantly accelerated. According to the head of the government, it is necessary to eliminate obstacles to the development of digital infrastructure to support technology “big data,” quantum computers, new production methods and artificial intelligence.

Medvedev stressed that in the future the program will complement projects in the health sector and the creation of “smart cities”. Prime Minister urged to establish a system of managing this process, ensuring participation of business representatives and to create specific action plans.

Program “Digital economy”

The project of the “Digital economy” was prepared on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. As noted on the website of the government, to manage the program identified five basic and three applied areas of the digital economy development in Russia for the period up to 2024. “Basic directions of the assigned regulatory personnel and education, the formation of research competences and technical capacities, information infrastructure and information security. Applied to public administration, smart city and health”, – reported in the Cabinet.

The document of about 90 pages contain both General objectives and directions of development of the digital economy and specific road map. In the section on program indicators specified indicators, to be achieved by 2024. In particular, it is indicated that by that time, 97% of households in Russia must have broadband Internet access (100 Mbps), in all large cities (1 million people or more) must be provided-resistant coating 5G network and higher and the share of internal network traffic of the Russian segment of the Internet routed through foreign servers should be 5%.

It is also planned that in Russia there will be ten companies in the high technology sector and the same number of digital platforms for the main sectors of the economy, the universities will release more than 120 thousand IT professionals a year, and “the proportion of the population with digital skills,” will be 40%.