Bitcoin is divided into two currencies

TASS, 2 Aug. The world’s most popular cryptocurrency 1 Aug divided into classic bitcoin and bitcoin for cash, reports Reuters. This happened as a result of disputes about updates that were supposed to increase the speed of transaction processing.

The decision to launch a new Protocol of the blockchain SegWit2x, which would have increased the size of the unit of bitcoin (the transaction record) with 1 to 2 MB, supported, not all users. Some of them said not to install the update, there are some miners (those who produces the cryptocurrency by using the computing power) will continue to work with a different version of bitcoin – bitcoin cash, the block size which is 8 MB.

A number of classic bitcoins and bitcoin cash in this match.

The price of a new cryptocurrency – about $467, bitcoin – $2696,8. During one day of trading, the market capitalization of bitcoin cash reached $7.3 billion of bitcoin Capitalization is over $44 billion.