Bloomberg: Boeing proposes to build the aircraft with a wedge to save fuel

WASHINGTON, August 10. /Offset. TASS Anatoly Bochinin/. The specialists of the company Boeing offered to reduce the cost of fuel on long flights to build airplanes while flying wedge. About it reports Bloomberg.

The idea is that the aircraft most of the flight spent in the group, lining up in a wedge. It is assumed that this allows the aircraft going in the tail, “slide” through the air wave, left flying ahead of the airplane, encountering less air resistance. One aircraft will be able to lead two others – one on each wing.

The National Board of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) hold a similar view. By calculations of experts NASA, the use of such a method would allow to reduce fuel consumption by 10-15%.

“Imagine a machine that drags a trailer or a cyclist, which goes the other. If you are flying in the right order, you waste less fuel. But to achieve this effect, it is necessary to do for a long time,” – told Bloomberg, Michael Sinnett, Vice President of Boeing’s product development.

Flying on the tail of the other aircraft is only one of many concepts on which currently operate Boeing engineers. Other plans include elongated wings and use shock wave when moving at the speed of sound. In addition, work is also underway on the creation of the autopilot, which will reduce the number of pilots in the cockpit to one even on long-haul flights. It is believed that this will be the first step to fly in a fully automatic mode.

However, the concept has a lot of disadvantages. The use of air flow from right in front of the aircraft is possible, but this aircraft is located behind the must fly with pinpoint accuracy. Current technical devices that allow, but we also need to have the flight routes coincided. Effective use of the air vortices on the altitude of over 9 km, and the flight plans have to be based on this. Experts claim that passenger airlines such graphs to follow will not. Perhaps this method would be applicable for military or transport aircraft.