Chinese Angel Yeast completes the work before the opening of the plant in the SEZ “Duncan”

BEIJING, August 10. /Offset. TASS Alexei Selishchev/. On the territory of special economic zone (SEZ) “dunks” in the Dankov district of Lipetsk region completed the final work before the opening of the plant for the production of Chinese yeast company, Angel Yeast.

In an interview with TASS said the President of the company Yu Suifan, according to which, the entry of the enterprise in operation “will strengthen the position of the Angel Yeast on the international market”.

“In 2014, the company began looking for a new site to open a plant for the production of yeast. Then we chose between Yunnan province and the Lipetsk region. After a comparative analysis of regions, as well as taking into account the company’s strategy to enter the international market, we have chosen Russia”, – told Yu Suifan.

“After coming to Russia, the company intends to strengthen its positions in the CIS countries, the middle East and Africa”, – said the head of the Angel Yeast.

The potential and advantages of the Russian market

Yu Suifan stressed that Russia is an important market pressed extra virgin bakery yeast, according to him, the annual volume of consumption of this kind of production is about 100 thousand tons.

“You [Russia] can not fully meet the demand and annually import about 10 thousand tons of dry bakery yeast. We are ready to make efforts to support the Russian economy and to help meet this demand,” – said the President of the company.

“After launch we will be better able to explore the Russian market and to increase the quality of the companies services and to reach the consumers of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) is to enhance the potential of sales of our company for 10 thousand tons of dry bakery yeast,” he predicts

In addition to high demand, added the President of the company in Russia favorable conditions for the opening production. “The Russian industry of sugar production occupies a strong position, especially in the Central Federal district – the region is rich in black soil, it is possible to grow we need crops. In addition, Russia has the largest reserves of natural gas that will allow us to reduce costs for energy resources,” said Yu Suifan.

Supply of products from Russia to the middle East and Africa

According to the Chinese manufacturer, Angel Yeast company expects to supply products to the Russian factory to other countries.

“With regard to the markets of the Middle East and Africa, where the company traditionally holds a strong position – sales grow every year,” he explained.

Yu Suifan said that because the plant, which operates in Egypt, the company was able to provide yeast many consumers, however, a number of countries in the region expects to increase purchases and products at the moment have to ship from China. The head of the Angel Yeast believes that the implementation of the project in Russia will help to reduce not only production costs but also the cost of logistics.

“In addition, the opening of the plant in Russia will allow us to respond quickly to changing market conditions – this will strengthen our position in the markets of Middle East and Africa”, – said the source.

Plans for the future

The company will open a factory for the production of yeast over 5.7 billion rubles in SEZ “dunks” in October and begin production, said Yu Suifan. The company will be the seventh resident of the SEZ “Duncan”. The plant called “angel of the East Rus” is the largest manufacturer of dry yeast in Russia with a total capacity of 20 thousand tons per year.

“The company has already invested more than 5.7 billion rubles at its first factory in Russia. In the future we intend to run two more workshops for the production of feed additives for farm animals and fertilizers for greenhouses. They will recycle more than 95% of waste from the production of yeast”, – summarized Yu Suifan.