In Buryatia plan to create new airline

ULAN-UDE, August 14. /TASS/. The new airline is created in Buryatia after the departure of “Buryat airlines” and “pankh”. In an interview with TASS said acting head of the Republic Alexei Tsydenov.

“Buryatia with its distances and logistics of regular regional air service is vital. Latest local airline lost its operating certificate in a few days after my arrival here (Tsydenov appointed acting head of the Buryatia Republic on 7 February 2017 – approx. TASS). Physically did not have time to intervene. We will create new”, – he said.

Now, said the head of the region, flying from Ulan-Ude in the remote Northern settlements performs Irkutsk airline “Angara”.

“We decided, allocated money, okay, we have three times a week a plane flies to Moscow twice – in Taksimo. The ticket price of 6-7 thousand rubles. The difference subsidizing from the Republican budget, – said Tsydenov. Not everywhere you can drive the car to Severobaikalsk and muyskiy district easier to get on the train Taishet…”

Ulan-Ude, the airline “PANH”, formed in 2009, in 2016, has faced financial difficulties. State transport leasing company (gtlk) has terminated its lease agreement for five aircraft. “Pankh” changed “Buryat airlines”, flying to the North of the Republic with Dagestan company “pioneer – regional airlines”.

However, in February 2017 Rosaviatsia revoked the air operator certificates of the airlines. The Ministry reported that “the Buryat airlines” performed the flights on aircraft with an expired engine life, and “pioneer – regional airlines” on the aircraft of other airlines, are not included under its own air operator certificate.