“Izvestia”: the Rosselkhoznadzor proposes to introduce a control over the circulation of palm oil

TASS, August 14. The Rosselkhoznadzor sent a letter to the Ministry of agriculture with proposals for the introduction of control over the movement of palm oil, soy protein and other components that can be used for falsification of food products. About this newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to available to the edition of the letter.

“To implement the Strategy to combat illicit trafficking of industrial products, it is advisable to extend the requirement of ensuring the traceability for other types of food products, which produces a substitution of one ingredient by another (soy protein, palm oil), and on substances used in food production for the purpose of modifying the physico-chemical properties of the final product to consumer fraud (moisture-retaining additive, technical gelatin etc.)”, – quotes the edition of the text of the letter of Rosselkhoznadzor.

While the Ministry said that the implementation of the idea need to complement the single list of goods subject to veterinary control, approved by decision of Customs Union Commission of 18 June 2010 №317. “If the plant, for example, bought meat and soy protein, and then released too many sausages – we will see. Or if the plant has purchased a small amount of milk, some quantity of palm oil and produces a disproportionate amount of butter”, – have informed “news” the official representative of the Rosselkhoznadzor Julia Melano.

The Ministry of agriculture on the request is not answered. In the Ministry “news” reported that he had received the letter, however, the position of the Ministry are still evolving.

The Ministry of agriculture is expected in 2017 to introduce labeling of dairy products in the manufacture of which uses palm oil. The Ministry proposed to amend the technical regulations, according to which manufacturers will be required to indicate on the personal side of the package that the product contains palm oil (by analogy with the labelling on cigarette packs). In addition, it is proposed to prohibit the use of dairy terms in the names of such products.

Now the issue of labelling is under discussion, the Eurasian economic Commission.