WSJ: Google fired an employee compared the company with a religious cult

NEW YORK, August 12. /TASS/. Former technical specialist of the Internet giant Google James Damor, who was sacked this week because of the statement about the inequality of the sexes, believes that the company can be compared to a religious cult. His commentary was published Saturday in the newspaper the Wall Street Journal.

According to Damore, the corporate culture of Google contributes to a certain isolation of its employees from the outside world. Some of them live in company-provided facilities and get from her meals. “For many, including me, Google is an important part of personality, it’s almost like a cult with its leaders and saints, all are assumed to righteously follow the Holy commandments of “don’t do evil”, says Damor. He stressed that Google’s negative attitude towards expressing views that disagree with accepted in the company.

Last week, Damor was involved in a scandal after he circulated among the employees a memo. It was noted that “partly for biological reasons, men and women have different preferences and abilities.” The expert suggested that, in particular, can be explained by the fact that among the leaders of technology firms, fewer women than men.

Because of this, Damar lost their jobs. As he told reporters, the leadership of Google has stated that sacking him for “reinforcing gender stereotypes”. At the disposal of the Agency Reuters, in particular, received an email, which was distributed among the staff of the General Director of Google Sundar Pichai. It said that certain provisions of the note by Damara did not conform to the firm rules.

Google is an American multinational Corporation specializing in Internet search and advertising technologies, and also engaged in the development of online services and high-tech products. The company was founded by Larry page and Sergey Brin was first registered as a private company in September 1998 and now is part of Alphabet holding company with a turnover of $75 billion. Its headquarters is located in mountain view (California).