Miklushevsky: the property complex of “Radiopribor” sell before the end of the year

BIG STONE /Primorye/, 15 Aug. /TASS/. The property complex of the defense enterprise “Radiopribor” will be sold by the end of 2017. In the same period, it is planned to close the issue of salary arrears to employees. This was announced by the Governor of Primorsky Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky at a meeting on the fate of the enterprise.

“The meeting was attended by the bankruptcy Trustee, who informed Dmitry Olegovich (Rogozin) and all those present about their actions. The essence of these actions will be that he’s finishing up inventory and will sell it (the company) as a single property complex owner. The owner, as we planned, will be a branch of the Dubna machine-building plant, he said. – If all goes according to plan, the end of 2017, the estate should be sold”.

According to Miklushevsky, in the same period is expected “is calculated with the plant employees on a salary”.

The Governor noted that the work on solution of problems of the enterprise goes in two directions, making the situation at the “radio set” is gradually returning to normal. “First, thanks to the personal intervention of Dmitry Rogozin Military-industrial Commission was able to launch a branch of the Dubna machine-building plant, which will continue production activities “Radiopribor” – said Miklushevsky.

“The second area is the elimination of wage arrears, which now remains 407 million rubles,” – he said. The head of the region recalled that in the past year it has been allocated 178 million rubles from the regional budget on repayment of the debt, which helped to reduce tension in the team.

The Governor said that during today’s meeting, Rogozin made a number of critical assessments as the inventory of the enterprise was delayed. In addition, employees are waiting for the repayment of debt on a salary. “There are different objective and subjective causes, but we with Dmitry Olegovich has managed the desire to create the bankruptcy Trustee that he did everything quickly,” concluded Miklushevsky.


Established in 1958 “Radiopribor” is one of the largest enterprises of Vladivostok. In 2015 the plant has a strategic status, began to experience financial difficulties. In respect of the company were entered bankruptcy. On the base of the plant a branch of the Dubna machine-building plant.