Profit of Novikombank in the first half amounted to 2 billion rubles

MOSCOW, August 14. /TASS/. The net profit of Novikombank in the first half of 2017 amounted to 2.04 billion. These figures follow from the published financial statements of the company for the company.

The net interest income of the Bank increased by 54% and exceeded 5.4 billion rubles, while net profit of the company was equal to the sum of 2.04 billion rubles, ensuring the profitability of own funds in the amount of 14.5% per annum. Novikombank’s assets for the half year increased by 8% and exceeded $ 218 billion.

“The main factor that determined the increase in value of Bank assets, according to experts, was the increase in the loan portfolio. Active cooperation with enterprises of the target segment of the military-industrial complex and high-tech industries and the financing of their recurrent and capital expenditures contributed to the growth of net loans receivable by 19% to RUB 179,7 billion Expanding its core business, the Bank maintains liquidity reserves at a level that ensures its absolute financial stability – deposits with the Bank of Russia increased by 19% to 15.8 billion rubles.” – said the press service of the company.

The expansion of credit operations were financed primarily due to the increase in balances attracted from customers by 9% – to 183,6 billion rubles At the same time, and sources of own funds of Novikombank increased by 8% to 28.3 billion rubles., and new issue of shares of the Bank at over 3 billion rubles, which is completed at present, will ensure the preservation of the positive trend noted in the Bank.

Adequacy ratio core capital H1.1 Novikombank at the beginning of July amounted to 10.4% and exceed the established Bank of Russia the minimum value is 4.5% more than doubled. Adequacy ratio of own funds H1.0 was 15.2% at minimum permissible value of 8.0%. The instant liquidity ratio N2 has increased since the beginning of the year 2.7 times and amounted to 81,6% and a minimum value of 15%, while current liquidity ratio N3 was at the level of 113.4%, significantly exceeding the minimum value of 50%.

“Thus, experts stress, Novikombank successfully solves the task of achieving the break-even previously raised before the leadership of rostec. The growth of the main items of Bank’s balance sheet is sustainable, which is manifested as an increase in the loan portfolio and increase Deposit base. The Bank is fully secured capital and liquid resources for the successful implementation of the long-term development, they note,” said the company.