Adviser to trump declared “economic war” with China

WASHINGTON, August 17. /TASS/. USA are in a state of “economic war” with China, which could end in a defeat, after which the United States will not be able to recover. Such opinion in conversation with journalists the American Prospect Robert Kuttner expressed the main political strategist of the presidential administration of the USA of Donald trump Stephen Bannon.

“We have an economic war with China. They do not hesitate to speak about what you’re doing. One of us will be the hegemon in 25 or 30 years, and they will be they, if we continue to go this way,” he said. The text of the article, written based on interviews Kuttner and’bannon, was published Wednesday on the newspaper’s website.

“For me the economic war with China is all about. And we need to be maniacally focused on this. If we continue to lose it in five, I think, 10 years there will come a tipping point, after which we will never be able to recover,” – said the chief polystrate the White house.

Bannon also said that Washington is for the economic struggle with China intends to apply the provisions of section 301 of the trade Act of 1974. This section gives the U.S. President the right to take all appropriate measures to combat the policy, law or action of a foreign state that cause damage U.S. trade or violate international agreements. In the case of China, said Bannon, talking about the violation of intellectual property rights working there are American companies as well as the decrease prices of steel and aluminum.

“We’re going to beat these guys. We came to the conclusion that they are waging an economic war and we win,” added Bannon.