Russia could become the first country where the bullet train Hyperloop

NEW YORK, August 28. /Offset. TASS Ivan sawyers/. The President of the technological Department of a California company Hyperloop One Josh Gagel not rule out that Russia will become the first country where it will be developed by this firm bullet train. This opinion he expressed in an interview with TASS.

Hagel indicated that compounds of this type may appear first in the USA and in some other state, including, possibly, in Russia. Answering the question, in what country, in his opinion, before start to operate this transport system, he said: “I’d be very surprised if the US were the first”. In his opinion, “many other countries are more progressive from the point of view of regulatory standards and licensing”.

According to Geigel, “there is quite a decent chance” that the first country where the Hyperloop would be Russia. He, in particular, noted that he had not heard of any U.S. sanctions that could prevent the implementation of this project in Russia. Specialist pointed out that currently the company is in talks about the possibility of creating bullet trains in the UAE, Finland and the Netherlands. According to him, the Hyperloop One expect to begin construction in 2021, but it is unclear exactly where.

Geigel reported that to date, the company has managed to attract investment of about $160 million. “We anticipate that we will need another couple hundred million to reach that level when we can start production,” – said the expert.

In Russia as a pilot project considers the construction of the branch Hyperloop for the route Hunchun (China) – Zarubino port with a length of 65 km In January this year, the Ministry of transport announced the establishment of a working group on the development of Hyperloop technologies in the transport complex of the country.

The project trains Hyperloop was proposed in 2012, American entrepreneur, inventor and investor Elon Musk. His idea is that in the pipes above the surface of the earth in extremely rarefied air with a small interval and a speed of up to 1220 km/h will travel capsule with passengers or cargo. The capsule does not concern the pipe wall because of the effect of air cushion. For the implementation of the project was undertaken by the company, later called Hyperloop One.