In Poland, stated that relations of Russia and Germany in the gas sector, contrary to the interests of the country

WARSAW, August 30. /TASS/. Russian-German cooperation in the energy sector against the interests of Poland, so Republic is looking at ways of developing other sources of gas supply. This was stated in the published on Wednesday an interview with Gazeta Polska, the representative of the government of the Republic on strategic energy infrastructure Piotr Naimski.

According to him, the cooperation between Russia and Germany “aims at strengthening the dominance of Russian Gazprom, which, according to Naimski, “an instrument of Russian policy in the Central European region”. “For us it is a strategic competition that we need to handle, opening is independent of the decisions in Moscow and Berlin supply routes of natural gas,” he said, naming among such initiatives is the development of a liquefied natural gas terminal in świnoujście, the creation of a gas pipeline “Baltic pipe” to connect the Republic with the Norwegian shelf through Denmark, as well as the construction of gas interconnectors with various countries of the region.

As stressed by Naimski, the geopolitical situation of Poland has not changed for many generations. “We are between Russia and Germany. The interests of the Polish state often do not coincide with the interests of our neighbors. And if it comes to a situation when our neighbors agree against Polish interests, we are dealing with the partition of Poland or the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact”, he said.

“In this sense, the situation does not change, as neither the Russian government nor the Russian people are not going to disappear, and the German state, despite two defeats in world wars, not disappear, but rather is the strongest in Europe. In this situation, we must be very clear about our national interests and the conditions necessary for the development of the Polish state and national security,” added Naimski.

Reality and plans

Poland consumes annually 15 billion cubic meters of gas. A third of the quantity it produces independently on its territory, and gets the rest through imports. The main supplier of gas to Poland – the Russian “Gazprom” on the basis of a long-term contract with which the country can annually buy 10.2 billion cubic meters of gas. Last year the Republic has used the services of alternative suppliers and purchased in Russia only 8 billion cubic meters of natural gas over other needs on the German stock exchange.

The authorities of the Republic said that the country seeks to find replacement supply of gas from Russia for five years – until 2022, when expire long-term contracts with “Gazprom” on deliveries of Russian gas to the Republic.

Gasport in świnoujście, Poland allows you to purchase LNG anywhere in the world and get it by sea. The terminal capacity is 5 billion cubic meters, with the capability of increasing capacity to 7.5 billion cubic meters. Operation of the terminal began at the end of 2015. While on an ongoing basis, the Republic in small amounts gets LNG from Qatar and based on spot agreements at the United States.

Baltic Pipe – gas pipeline project that would connect the fields on the Norwegian shelf in the North sea to Poland via Denmark. The project involves three phases: connecting Norwegian and Danish gas transmission systems, expansion of the infrastructure of Denmark, and the construction of the pipe Baltic Pipe connecting Poland and Denmark on the Baltic sea. The planned capacity of the pipeline – 10 billion cubic meters.