The “hole” in the Bank “Ugra” has increased 43 times

MOSCOW, September 14. /TASS/. Negative equity (excess of liabilities over assets) of the Bank “Ugra”, which the CBR had previously revoked the license grew to 86,091 billion rubles, should be published in the “Bulletin of Bank of Russia” of the balance sheet of the credit institution.

Earlier, according to a survey of the credit institution interim administration at the end of July, negative equity was $ 2.045 billion rubles

The increase in “holes” due to the additional formation of reserves for possible losses on problem loans, reported TASS the press service of the Bank of Russia.

“The change in the value of sources of own funds (-) 2044 million to (-) 86091 million rubles due to the fact that the current results of the ongoing interim administration of the survey the financial situation of the Bank show that over the period of just over a month from the moment of revocation of Bank licenses from 130 of the 140 borrowers-legal entities formed the arrears of principal and interest for a total amount of RUB 11.7 billion According to the disposal of the interim administration of information in respect of some large borrowers of the Bank arbitration court has initiated proceedings on bankruptcy filings. Most loans repeatedly restrukturirovany. As a result, the interim administration implemented additional formation of reserves for possible losses”, – said the press service of the Central Bank.

As previously reported by the representative of the Governor, the interim administration considers loans to these borrowers is actually irrevocable, the amount of delay on them since the license of the “Yugra” has grown in eight times. Their total debt amounts to 233 billion rubles (87% of the credit portfolio of “Ugra”).

Thus on 22 July, the regulator estimated “hole” in the capital of Ugra in 7 billion roubles (on July 28, according to “the Bulletin” – 2 billion rubles). This difference is associated with different methods of calculation of own funds in the accounts provided by the Bank, and in assessing the financial condition of the interim administration, it follows from the comment of the representative of the Central Bank.

Moreover, as follows from the balance of the Bank’s assets decreased by 42.7% to 113,037 billion rubles To the latest survey of the Bank’s assets on July 28, 2017 was $ 197,248 billion.

The Bank “Ugra”, included in top-30 Russian banks in terms of assets, was disbarred July 28, 2017 According to the Central Bank, 90% of the credit portfolio of “Ugra” was loans for business projects of the Bank’s owners. The main shareholder of “Severstal” is businessman Alexei Khotin.

The collapse of the “Ugra” became the largest case in the history of the volume of payments during the work of the Agency on insurance of contributions: total payable 169,2 billion. ASV estimates the approximate number of depositors of the Bank “Ugra” 260 thousand – they can apply for insurance payments for a total amount of 173 billion rubles.