In DND banned the import of Ukrainian pork

TASS, September 17. The government proclaimed the Donetsk national Republic (DND) in connection with the deterioration in the Ukraine situation with the African plague of pigs has banned the import from this country of pork, and made of her products, including bacon and sausage. It is reported by the Ministry of agriculture and food policy and food DND.

“In connection with the deterioration of the epizootic situation of African swine fever on the territory of Ukraine prohibited the import into the territory of the Donetsk people’s Republic of pork and finished meat products of pork (bacon, sausages, canned meat, etc.) from the entire territory of Ukraine, including in the hand Luggage for their own needs,” – said on the Agency’s website.

The African plague of pigs (illness of Montgomery) was first recorded in 1903 in South Africa. The virus poses no threat to humans, but extremely dangerous for wild and domestic pigs. The disease is rapidly spreading among animals and causes serious damage to agriculture.

According to the Association of pig producers of Ukraine, since the beginning of the year revealed over 90 cases of the disease in different regions of the country. Total losses of livestock from 2012, when the disease was first registered in Ukraine, reached 130 thousand pigs, 10 million of them this year. On quarantine measures since 2012, spent more than 14 million hryvnia (about $549 million) and losses of specialized pig-breeding farms amounted to more than 125 million hryvnia (about $4.9 mln).