“The Schwab” in 2018 will begin to produce pulsed lasers

SAINT PETERSBURG, September 15. /TASS/. Holding “Schwabe”, included in the state Corporation rostec, in 2018 plans to begin mass production of pulsed lasers, the energy output of which is more powerful than the Russian and foreign analogues by 10%. On Friday reported the press service of the company.

“Holding “shvabe” had developed and patented a new pulsed solid state diode pumped laser. Thanks to the original design in the device was 10% increased output energy of the laser single pulse in comparison with the existing Russian and foreign analogues. In mass production the new product will be launched on the enterprise of the Holding “Schwabe” in 2018″,- stated in the message.

The structure of the device allows in the former dimensions to substantially increase the energy output of the laser. In this design the energy of the output radiation is virtually doubled while maintaining the size and weight of the original device. The device was developed by specialists of “the Schwab” together with Scientific research Institute “Polyus” (research Institute “Polyus”, included in the holding “Schwabe”).

In a press-service of the company TASS reported that while the volume of production is not defined.

As noted in the press service, the laser is able to create compact devices with increased range, for example, laser ranging, ranging and targeting systems, which are used in portable equipment (e.g. survey equipment) and on-Board equipment of the unmanned aircraft. In addition, the new laser can be used when drilling, welding and engraving.

“The new device of laser rods with beveled ends. Through them, the radiation from the pump sources allow for the active elements. This allowed us 10% gain in energy of the output radiation of the laser single pulse in comparison with the existing Russian and foreign analogues”, – the press service quoted the General Director of the research Institute “Polyus” Yevgeny Kuznetsov.