WSJ: the credit Bureau Equifax has revealed a major cyber attack only four months later

NEW YORK, September 21. /TASS/. Credit Bureau Equifax only four months later revealed that suffered a massive cyber attack, reported Wednesday in its electronic version of the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

According to her information, Equifax found signs of forced entry on July 29. After that it was caused by experts in the field of computer security, which helped to eliminate vulnerabilities in the protection system of the company. The Desk revealed information about a cyber attack only on 7 September.

That hackers four months had unimpeded access to databases, Equifax, established the company FireEye, specializing in computer security. She confidentially this week sent notice to a number of clients credit history Bureau, said the newspaper.

Last week, Equifax reported that as a result of the cyberattacks, the attackers got access to the data approximately 143 million customers. Hackers know their names, the insurance policy numbers, dates of birth, address and driver’s licenses. They were also able to access credit card numbers 209 thousand.

Based in Atlanta (Georgia) company Equifax was founded in 1899. It collects and maintains credit information on more than 800 million people and more than 88 million companies worldwide.