Russia will not put Ukrainian “Pivdenmash” components for the carrier rockets “Zenit”

Moscow. September 21. INTERFAX.RU – Russia will not supply the Ukrainian “Pivdenmash” components for launch vehicles “Zenith”, to be used in the program “Sea launch”.

As reported “Interfax” a source in the space industry, the Ukrainian company will be forced to make for the Sea launch rocket in the absence of a number of key components manufactured in Russia, the resupply of missiles to be manufactured in the United States.

“If the launches of Zenit from Sea launch resumes, manufactured in Russia, the control system and the first stage engine will be delivered, bypassing Ukraine, straight to US, dosborka of the rocket and its test will be in long beach,” said the source.

In addition, similarly can be made carrier rocket “Zenit” for the launch of the space satellite “Lybid”. “The rocket can be supplied by the Russian control system and the first stage engine is already at Baikonur,” – said the source.

As reported, S7 plans in 2023 to launch from Sea launch of the Ukrainian launch-vehicles (LV) “Zenit”.

Earlier, the state enterprise “southern machine-building plant them.Makarov” (UMZ, Dnepr) reported that resumes the production of the launch vehicle (LV) “Zenit” in the interests of international projects Sea Launch (“Sea launch”) Launch and Land (“Land launch”).

As noted in the press-service of the enterprise, April 28, “Pivdenmash” and the company S7 Limited Sea Launch has signed a contract for production and delivery of 12 rockets of the series “Zenit” for the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes in the framework of international programs Sea launch and Land launch.

The production of “Zenit” on the capacity of the “Yuzhmash” was suspended in 2014 due to financial problems incurred by the operators of the projects Sea Launch and Land Launch.

“Zenit-3SL” was created on the basis of a two-stage rocket “Zenit-2” development of GP “CB “South” and the production enterprise Yuzhmash, the upper stage DM-SL developed and produced in the Russian rocket-space Corporation “Energy”.

As reported in the 2016 S7 announced the signing of a contract with Sea Launch providing for the purchase of a property complex “Sea launch”. “The subject of the transaction are the ship Sea Launch Commander and the Odyssey platform mounted with equipment missile segment ground equipment at the home port in long beach (United States) and intellectual property rights owned by the company Sea Launch, including the trademark”, – noted in the message.

Lybid – the planned launch of the Ukrainian geostationary telecommunications satellite. Designed for the formation of the National satellite communication system of Ukraine.

The launch was repeatedly postponed in connection with various problems and still not taken place. Currently the satellite is in Russia stored in the ISS named after academician M. F. Reshetnev.