Apple acknowledged the connection problems in the new Apple Watch

Moscow. September 21. INTERFAX.RU – Apple Inc. acknowledged problems with the network connection of its new “smart” watches Apple Watch 3. As stated in the press release of the company, the problem occurs when you attempt to connect to rogue Wi-Fi network, and Apple is looking for ways to fix this problem.

Previously, various errors reported by the journalists who received the device for testing. In particular, the clock may have difficulty with making calls, connecting to the virtual assistant Siri and maintaining connection with the cellular network.

Fotogalereya from AppleВсе photo

As reported, the Apple Watch 3 will be the first Apple with the ability to connect to cellular networks LTE. In other words, users do not need to carry both the smartphone and the watch, and they can make and answer calls only with hours. In Russia sales will start on September 29.

Apple Watch became the first product of a completely new category from the time when Apple was headed by Tim cook. The Wall Street Journal considers “smart” watches as a benchmark by which to judge a company’s ability to create innovative products. For all the time, the company has sold about 30 million of these devices and is the undisputed leader in this segment, according to analysts IDC.