New sanctions against North Korea will affect the business

Moscow. September 21. INTERFAX.RU – Decree of the President of the United States on sanctions against the DPRK is aimed at people and companies that can enter into any economic relations with North Korea.

“Decree of the President directly aimed at the commercial network of North Korea and prohibits a duration of 180 days on entry to US ships and aircraft that have visited North Korea”, – said in the text published on Thursday.

The decree also applies to transshipment vessels used for transshipment of goods from ships that visited North Korea within 180 days.

“North Korea is dependent on the system of transshipment for the implementation of international trade”, – stated in a press release released by the White house.

The decree also empowers the Finance Ministry the right to impose sanctions against persons involved in the construction, energy companies, agencies, financial services, fishing companies, in the field of it, manufacturing, coal mining, textile companies, or the transportation industry in North Korea.

The document applies to persons owning, controlling or using ports in North Korea, including seaports and airports through which entry into the country.

The decree also applies to persons involved in significant export and import transactions with any goods, services and technologies.

Earlier Thursday, U.S. President Donald trump announced the tightening of sanctions against individuals, companies and banks that are trading with North Korea.

“The new Executive order will stop the financial flows that feed the efforts of North Korea in the development of the most lethal weapons”, – quotes the words of trump, “Fox news”.