Credit Bank of Moscow declared sufficient liquidity

Moscow. September 26. INTERFAX.RU – the Moscow credit Bank (ICB) expresses a sufficient supply of liquidity, no talks with CBR about the support does not lead, told journalists the Chairman of the management Board Vladimir Chubar on the sidelines of the conference, Fitch Ratings.

“My giant pillow, all the time we lived in it. I was scolded for it constantly, I scolded shareholders, I have investors all the time asking why you need so much liquidity. Because of all of the safer to live. Now it’s easier for me to live because I have this liquidity is,” he said.

Chubar added that the need to use ICD of a new mechanism of emergency liquidity assistance (MEPL) no. “It is not necessary”, – he said, adding that the Bank is not in talks with the regulator about the support.

As for capital, the ICB is registered to issue additional shares, for which the Bank waiting for suitable market conditions. Moreover, the credit institution has no plans in the next year or two to replenish capital through perpetual subordinated instruments.

“Perpetual (perpetual instruments – approx. If), at H1.2 (ratio of core capital if) we have a buffer such that the horizon of a year or two, we are unlikely to need infinite capital. Yet the key issue – capital baseline. (. . .) We have registered the issue of shares that might be issued, depending on many factors, the market situation”, – he said. Chubar assured that the situation in Bank the stable, certain risks are there, but they always have.

On the eve of the main shareholder of ICD – concern “Rossium” Roman Avdeev – informed about the possibility of filing for redemption of subordinated Eurobonds into three series: perpetual and maturing in 2018 and 2027, respectively. The decision was made due to significant changes in their prices, the press service of the concern.

“Prices are good now (for redemption “would be” – if). No (risk for future placements – if), on the contrary, this is a positive factor that the shareholder buys,” – commented the decision the head of the ICD.

He also promised that the Bank will not “skeletons in the closet” (as the market saw in the case of “Discovery” and b & n – if). “Absolutely not. Now, if the skeletons are scary and so we would be included in the list of systemically important? What if suddenly you are all bad,” said the banker.

He added that the Bank has had an influx of new customers and the outflow of Gossett he explained the expiry of the term deposits and the lack of the Bank’s rating from “Expert RA”.

In August, an employee of the company “Alfa-Capital” Sergey Gavrilov, a distribution of the customers reported problems in the Bank “Discovery” of b & n Bank, Moscow credit Bank and Promsvyazbank. Soon, however, “the alpha-the Capital” withdrew the letter, noting that “some of the statements are not consistent with our position and did not accurately reflect reality”. Soon, the “Discovery” introduced a temporary administration in the face of the Central Bank and announced measures to improve the financial stability of the Bank. Last week, the Bank also appealed to the Central Bank with the request for rehabilitation.

The head of ICD added that to assess the impact of this letter is difficult, mainly react in the Eurobond market. In the court of the Bank does not intend to sell.