Sberbank in 2018 will begin to study the actions of borrowers in social networks

Moscow. September 25. INTERFAX.RU Sberbank of Russia plans in 2018 to lead to industrial exploitation scoring borrowers on psychometric models, said senior Vice-President of the savings Bank Alexander Vedyahin.

“In 2018 I think it will be. Ideal – that a person phone that we understand someone, all traces, all the sources to make it clear that this man, and if he laykaet prison rosary and “Vladimir Tsentral”, it is unlikely that he should immediately approve the loan is likely to once again have something to watch,” said Vedyahin.

According to him, the analysis of customers, their behavior and credit are used principles of digital psychometric models Polish researcher Michael Kosinski.

“We fully operate in accordance with the legislation concerning the protection of personal data, so here the direction where we operate. This prototype, which we study in, but here we take full acceptance of clients,” said senior Vice President of Sberbank.

According to a top Manager, now the credit organization shall have a pilot project on psychological scoring part adopts the “small sample size” accepting clients.