Vladimir Beketov elected Senator from Krasnodar territory

KRASNODAR, September 28. /TASS/. Deputies of new convocation of Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar region on Thursday elected a member of the Federation Council from legislature 68-year-old Vladimir Beketov, more than 20 years head of the regional Parliament, the correspondent of TASS.

He will be succeeding 54-year-old Vladimir Kharlamov, who worked as a Senator in 2015.

“As a result of counting of votes established that Beketov filed a total of 69 votes, against none,” said the head of the audit Commission Sergey Orlov. Thus, the candidate Beketov was unanimously supported by the attending members. Other candidates for the post of Senator was not offered.

Beketov was elected in the new convocation of legislative Assembly of Krasnodar region on the party list of “United Russia. Previously a Senator from the legislature of the region were Kharlamov, a member of the Federation Council Committee on economic policy. The second Senator from the administration of the province – is Aleksey Kondratenko.

Vladimir Beketov was born in the Kuban region in 1949. Worked in shipping company in Novorossiysk, then to the farm. For several years he headed the Executive Committee of the Uspensky district, the Kuban, and then became the head of the district. In 1995 took the post of Deputy head of administration of Krasnodar territory, in the same year was elected Chairman of the legislative Assembly. This position he held until 2017.

The sixth convocation of the legislative Assembly of the Kuban, was elected on September 10. It includes 70 MPs: half are elected on the lists and half in single – mandate constituencies. The party “United Russia” has received 60 out of 70 seats in the Parliament included representatives of LDPR, the Communist party, the party “Fair Russia” and the Party of growth.