Lukashevich: the recent actions of Parliament completely Donbass contradict the Minsk

MOSCOW, October 17. /TASS/. Recent legislative initiatives to Donbass adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, completely contradict the Minsk agreements on the settlement of the situation in the East of the country.

This was stated on Tuesday, Russia’s permanent representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“Anything that makes the Parliament and the current political power, is in complete contradiction with the Minsk agreements. All that the Kiev government needs to do in accordance with the Minsk agreements, it does not, – he said. – So all these attempts to reverse the political settlement can do to overturn the entire structure of the Minsk agreements”.

Ukrainian parliamentarians on October 6 in the first reading voted for the submitted by President Petro Poroshenko’s bill on the reintegration of Donbass, which provides for the recognition of the region occupied territory, the establishment of a joint operations staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine for control over all security forces and civil-military administrations in the conflict zone, and also gives the President the right to use armed forces inside the country without the consent of Parliament.

Also on this day the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law “On creation of conditions for peaceful settlement of the situation in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions,” extending by one year the special status of Donbass.