Lavrov pointed to the attempts of some States to impede the normalization of relations of Russia with the European Union

MOSCOW, October 31. /TASS/. A small group of European States, acting in their own selfish interests, trying to prevent the normalization of relations between Russia and the European Union. This was stated on Tuesday the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at the meeting with the Association of European businesses in the Russian Federation.

“It must be stated that the return of our relations [with the EU] on the trajectory of progressive development are trying to prevent, he said. We see the destructive lines is quite a few European countries, but very aggressive, customized Russophobic”.

Lavrov expressed confidence that these countries “are trying to play anti-Russian card, acting in their selfish political interests”.

The Russian foreign Minister also pointed out that the number of countries introduces a dissonance in the energy cooperation between Moscow and Brussels.

“We’re trying to talk about energy, it also unites us, and it turns out that disconnects, the Minister said. – Not our fault, not the fault of Germany, not the fault of the vast majority of EU countries. This situation is the fault of a few countries, which on one hand can be counted who are convinced that the better they will pay half as much for American liquefied natural gas than they will buy gas from Russia than the entire European Union will be profitable to buy gas from Russia”, – said the Minister.

“By the way, the question of what Economics is Economics, and politics is politics. In this case, politics is Economics and Economics is politics for these countries”, – noted the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.


The Russian foreign Minister also stressed that Moscow is open to develop relations with the EU at the rate to which finished in Brussels.

“We hear in the background of these developments, the speculation that Russia is interested in a weak European Union, seeks to crack, he said. – This is not true. We want – and always talked about it – to see the EU, our neighbour and key trading partner – a strong, United and independent international player, able to define their priorities on the basis of a sustainable balance of national interests of all its member countries and not only on the basis of the positions of the aggressive minority in terms of policy towards Russia”.

“We in turn will be open to the development of the interaction between the rate at that depth, which will be ready colleagues from the EU, said Lavrov. This, of course, will continue our multi-vector foreign policy will continue to strengthen multi-faceted cooperation with those States that got rid of ideological blinders in their economic relations with foreign partners”.

The Russian foreign Minister said that political and especially in the business circles in the EU are increasingly heard the dissatisfaction with the situation in relations between Moscow and Brussels. “I think that sooner or later these words must still be translated into practical actions, – said the head of the foreign Ministry. We’ll see.”