The Communist party will announce the presidential candidate after the start of the election campaign

MOSCOW, November 7. /TASS/. The Communist party will name its candidate for the elections of the President of Russia after the announcement of the election campaign three months before voting day, about the middle of December. TASS reported Tuesday, the Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov.

According to him, the Communist party “is interested to nominate a team” and not one candidate for the presidency. “We take this seriously. I called 21 the name who can be considered as possible candidates in the government of national trust, including a candidate in the presidential elections,” – said the politician.

“One in which the quality goes… We are interested to nominate command: presidential candidate, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, key Ministers, and not a separate person,” he said.

“Personalities we’ll call after the completion of the consultation and the announcement of the election of the company, and it shall be announced three months before, somewhere, probably, 16-18 Dec. So in the second half of December will know, and while we continue to consult and discuss various options,” – said Zyuganov, adding also that this will happen at the party Congress “taking into account the views of all national-Patriotic forces.”

He recalled drafted by the party of the program “10 steps worthy of life.” “We now regularly discuss with their colleagues, companions, possible, allies. Building block of state-Patriotic forces, which would be salutary for the country. We are extremely interested in the fact that it was a wide center-left bloc of Patriotic forces,” – said Zyuganov.