Zakharova: Russia denied entry to those Canadians who deliberately undermined bilateral relations

MOSCOW, 9 November. /TASS/. In the second list of Russia to the sanctions of Canada are persons who deliberately worsen bilateral relations. This was stated at a briefing on Thursday, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“We are talking about people who deliberately, systematically undermined bilateral relations between Russia and Canada, spoke with a very anti-Russian, Russophobic statements, was recorded in part or even the organization of anti-Russian actions, campaigns and events,” she said.

The diplomat said that Moscow has never practiced the publication of full sanctions lists. “Again, the methodology of awareness (of persons included in the lists – approx. TASS) is not new – when applying for a visa these people will get rejected with an appropriate explanation,” said Zakharov.

“We would like to have all this practice finally ended, she added. – Unfortunately, the media attention and the full potential of the canadian establishment towards Russia goes on to draw attention to the detailed actions”.