Lavrov: speculation about Russian intervention in elections in Mexico are not baseless

MOSCOW, November 17. /TASS/. Speculation about Russian intervention in the upcoming Mexico presidential election is not baseless, in Moscow, guess where they may come. This was stated on Friday, the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after talks with Mexican counterpart Luis Videgaray Caso.

“I’m not familiar with these publications in the Mexican press, but I hear that such rumors are dismissed, – said the head of the foreign Ministry. – I even guess, whence feet grow. I can only confirm that this is speculation without any Foundation and, perhaps, pursuing the aim to introduce any irritants in Russian-Mexican relations, especially in the period when they are developing steadily and positively.”

The Minister recalled that Russia in the last months of unnecessarily trying to accuse of meddling in almost all political events abroad. “Intervention in Mexico, the intervention in the Brexit, the intervention in France, in Sweden and even in South Africa we have appointed some Minister. No RT, no other Russian media, and no other structures of our countries do not intervene in the internal Affairs of other States and nothing to do with how it will be organized by the Mexican presidential election we have not, – said Lavrov. – I will say again is the Washington syndrome, and the election and organization of the entire process – a sovereign internal matter of Mexico”.

The foreign Minister of Mexico said that any evidence that would confirm the speculation of Russian interference in the upcoming Mexico presidential elections, no. “From our side there is no evidence that could confirm this hypothesis,” said Videgaray Caso.

“In turn, the Mexican government has no intention to interfere in Russian elections,” he added.

The head of the Mexican foreign Ministry stated that the two countries treat each other with respect. “We share a very important character, and we will continue to build upon this cooperation,” he said.

Political engagement

Speaking about political cooperation between the two countries, the head of the Mexican foreign Ministry said that Moscow and Mexico city share the opinion “in many areas at many international venues: APEC, G20 and the UN”, where they “have great opportunities to maintain a political dialogue”. “This allows us to compare notes and to give impetus to the development of various projects and Affairs for the benefit of mankind,” he said.

In addition, Louis Videgaray told that conversation of the Ministers began, “by thanking you on behalf of the people and government of Mexico the government of the Russian Federation and the Russian people for the support they provided after the earthquake in September.” Videgaray reminded that just a few days after his meeting with Lavrov on the sidelines of the session of the UN General Assembly in September in Mexico arrived humanitarian aid from Russia for the earthquake victims. “This only confirms that Russia is a friend of Mexico, and this gesture will forever remain in the hearts of the Mexican people,” – said the Minister.

Lavrov, in turn, expresses gratitude to Mexico for a number of Russian initiatives and draft resolutions at the UN. “With the same and similar positions, we discussed the topical issues of global and regional agenda, he said. We have a unified approach on the need to build all actions in all situations on the basis of the UN Charter. We are grateful to the Mexican friends for their support a number of our initiatives, including at the current session of the General Assembly’s resolution on international information security, confidence-building measures in outer space and I’d like to highlight, on the inadmissibility of glorification of Nazism. This resolution was passed yesterday by an overwhelming majority, and only two delegations agreed to oppose”.

The Russian foreign Minister said that during the talks the sides agreed to strengthen “cooperation in fighting terrorism, in the sphere of arms control and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction”. “We will continue to work closely within the group of 20, APEC and other multilateral forums, he added. – We appreciate the interest of Mexico to support the development of relations between the Russian Federation and regional structures in the region, including the CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States), and also interested to develop contacts between the Eurasian economic Union, which includes Russia and the Pacific Alliance involving Mexico”.

The Russian-Mexican intergovernmental Commission

A regular meeting of the Russian-Mexican intergovernmental mixed Commission on trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation will be held in March-April next year, said Lavrov. “We agreed to promote the implementation of the agreements that were reached during the visit to Mexico last month, Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov, he said. – The opportunity to see how these agreements are met, will be presented in March-April next year, when it is planned to hold the next meeting of the mixed Commission on trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation”.

According to the Russian Minister, in the course of negotiations, the parties “paid special attention to trade and economic relations”. “The trade volume last year increased to $1.7 billion, he said. It is very important that this year it continues to grow for the first eight months of 2017 the turnover has increased more than one and a half times and amounted to almost $1.6 billion”.

“We praised the implementation of large-scale investment and infrastructure projects in such fields as energy, aviation, food industry”, – said the Russian foreign Minister.

He noted that developing cooperation in the supply of aircraft SSJ-100 to be used by the Mexican company Interjet; 22 cars of the 30 have already been delivered. In Mexico actively working Rosatom, LUKOIL, and in Russia, the Mexican company Nemak, which manufactures automotive components, and GRUMA International Food also exercise their investment, Lavrov recalled.

Russian investments in the energy sector of Mexico

Louis Videgaray Caso, in turn, said that Mexico welcomed the Russian investments in sectors of the economy and especially the increase of investments from the Russian Federation in the energy sector of the Republic. “As for investment cooperation, Mexico was encouraged by the Russian investment in various sectors of the economy – said Videgaray. – I would like to emphasize the increase of Russian investments in the energy sector”. The Minister noted that in connection with the recent reform in the energy sector of the country “opens up new opportunities for investors around the world.” “We are very happy that there are a number of Russian investors who want to take the opportunity afforded by the reform in the energy sector of Mexico,” added Videgaray.

He also expressed support for the expansion of the Mexican business in Russia. “We would like to expand the presence of Mexican companies in the Russian market, – said the head of the foreign Ministry. – This applies to auto parts, food industry and other areas, I would like to increase the turnover in the food sector, because the Russian market is very wide, such as the Mexican”. Videgaray noted the desire of the Mexican side “to take advantage of the opportunities offered to her in the trading environment, investment in tourism, international cultural exchange and exchange in the scientific field” and in many areas where Russia and Mexico “could solidify and strengthen cooperation”.

Videgaray reported that in a conversation with his Russian counterpart discussed “the technical capabilities in order to increase turnover in the coming months”, as well as issues of improvement of bilateral regulatory framework.


Cultural cooperation

Russia and Mexico will resume activities of the mixed Commission on cultural cooperation, Lavrov said. According to the Russian Minister, there are “good prospects for the deepening of cultural ties”. “We agreed to reactivate the joint Commission for cultural cooperation, he said. The co-chair is the special envoy of the President of the Federation for international cultural cooperation] Mikhail Shvydkoi”.

“We have planned for early next year the Days of Moscow in Mexico and a counter-event, which I recommend everyone to visit this cultural festival “Taste of Mexico”, said Lavrov. It will take place during the us world Cup soccer. We congratulate our Mexican friends that their team won a ticket to the final part of this major international sports event.”

The Russian foreign Minister also drew attention to the intensive development of bilateral cooperation in education, Recalling that at the current academic year Mexican students granted 50 scholarships to study in Russian universities. In addition, according to him, a positive trend has acquired a residency program at the foreign ministries.