Deputies of Omsk was elected mayor of the Minister of economy of the region Oksana Fadina

OMSK, November 22. /Offset. TASS Alexey Petrov/. Deputies of Omsk was elected mayor of the Minister of economy of Omsk region Oksana Fadina, the correspondent of TASS with the meeting of the city Council. The mayor was to be determined in spring 2017, but then the elections were declared invalid, as both candidates selected by the tender Committee, withdrew their candidacies.

“The results of the voting received 31 ballot, the counting of votes the voting was as follows: Metzler, Friedrich A. – 0 votes, Fadin Oksana – 31 vote. Thus, according to the results of voting the mayor of the city of Omsk elected Fadin Oksana Nikolaevna,” – said the Chairman of the audit Committee of the city Council Yury Fedotov.

Omsk city Council consists of 40 deputies, however, nine representatives of the party “the Communist party” left the meeting in protest against the holding of open voting.

Elections of the mayor of Omsk

Initially, the statement about participation in elections were submitted by 55 candidates were registered of which 37 people, the rest were refused due to the lack of necessary documents. Later, one of the main contenders for mayor – the acting mayor Sergey Frolov – decided to go to work in the government of Omsk region and withdrew his candidacy. Of the remaining contenders, the competition Commission after interviews, by vote, chose two candidates finalists: Minister of economy of Omsk region Oksana Fadina and the head of Kalachinsk district of the region of Friedrich Metzler.

Elections in 2017 are the first, when the head of Omsk choose members of the city Council, not the residents of the city. Spring in the list of applicants was 23 candidates, but the Commission refused to register the six applicants because of the lack of necessary documents. Deputy Chairman of the government of the Omsk region Stanislav Grebenshchikov, who was considered a top contender for mayor of Omsk, appeared on April 13 with the election for health reasons, and on April 17 it became known that SK Russian Federation brought concerning the official criminal case on suspicion in abuse of power.

Of the remaining 16 people Committee chose two candidates who were supposed to be presented to the deputies of the city Council for final selection of Governor. However, on April 17 and 18, both the applicant – the Minister of labor and social development of the Omsk region Vladimir Kupriyanov and entrepreneur and social activist Andrew Urosevic – refused to participate in the elections.