In the state Duma said that the DPRK is willing to negotiate with US

MOSCOW, December 1. /TASS/. The DPRK is ready to negotiate with the United States on security issues on the basis of parity and with the participation of Russia, told TASS state Duma Deputy Vitaly Pashin, commenting on the results of negotiations of Russian parliamentary delegation to the North Korean leadership in Pyongyang.

“Now the DPRK on the basis of parity ready to negotiate with USA with the participation of Russia as a third party,” said Pashin.

According to him, explaining the continuation of missile tests in violation of UN security Council resolutions, “the leadership of the DPRK noted that the country is regularly subjected to external aggression by the United States.” Earlier it was reported that on November 29, North Korea conducted the first since September 15 missile launch. According to North Korean Agency KCNA, the missile of a new type “And 15” for 53 minutes of the flight climbed to an altitude of 4475 miles, and overcame a distance of 950 km.

“According to the representatives of North Korea, they had to demonstrate a worthy response to any aggression from the United States, the ability to strike at any territory of America. And this is the first rocket launch from the last launch by the DPRK on 15 September. Since then, for 75 days Pyongyang refrain from military provocations, expecting reciprocal steps from the United States, which, instead of having to go to a meeting, announced major unplanned exercise,” said the MP.