Matviyenko called threat of “restrictive” trend in legislative activities

MOSCOW, December 8. /TASS/. The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko called dangerous for the country “prohibitive” trend in legislative activities and urged the government to take a closer acquainted with the legislative initiatives and to give a balanced conclusion.

“This trend is to prohibit, to forbid – dangerous for the country. It is not necessary to ban everything. Maybe more to resolve? To create conditions for the development of a particular industry”, – said Matvienko on Friday at the annual meeting with the state secretaries – Deputy heads of Federal Executive authorities.

She cited the example rejected last week by the Council of Federation the law, which proposed to ban advertising on the back of receipts on payment of utilities. “In this small receipt, printed on newsprint, to reduce the cost of, someone [places] advertising. We even then managed to ban. Let’s watch and from a political point of view on the trends,” – said speaker of the Federation Council.

She appealed to the state secretaries with a request to carefully come to the conclusions that provides a Ministry profile on any bill. “When the bills come, initiated by the state Duma, the Federation Council, I ask you not to be formal, not to draw conclusions “for show”, to watch the content side that we are not discredited system of Federal law. It’s a shame when we come out with such stupid laws,” – said Matvienko.