Putin: Russia needs to be a modern country with a flexible political system

MOSCOW, December 14. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that Russia should be a modern country built on high technology economy.

“It [Russia] needs to be directed in the future, it needs to be very modern, the political system needs to be flexible, the economy must be built on high technology, he said at a press conference. – Productivity should significantly increase.”

The head of state reminded that talked about that already several times “and at public events, and in conversations more intimate nature.”

Putin has noticed that would not like to speak in detail about his election program, but said that it “almost is”. “Now is probably not the format, when it is possible to present it”, – added the head of state.

The President also added that the political environment in Russia needs to be competitive, the political system needs to be balanced.

“The easiest thing for me would be to say that I wasn’t the same for himself competitors to educate. Although I must say you unexpectedly: I’m thinking about the fact that we have the political environment, as well as economic, must be competitive. And of course I would very much like, want and will strive to have a balanced political system, and it is impossible to imagine without competition in the political field,” – said Putin, answering the question why in Russia since the early 2000s and has not formed a strong political opposition to the President and the current government.

The head of state noted that Russia has recently developed its own specificity, which is related to the fact that “young people do not remember and do not even know what happened in the 1990s and early 2000-ies, and can’t compare with what has now become a”. However, he acknowledged that in Russia today there are still many issues that need to say “no varnishing”.