Nebesa advised Klimkin to attend meeting of the UN security Council that do not relate to Ukraine

UN, December 15. /TASS/. Permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia advised on Friday the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin to spread “legends about what is happening in Ukraine,” only at the meetings of the Security Council, which are relevant to his country. The remark of a Russian diplomat responded to the speech by the Ukrainian Minister that at a meeting of the security Council on the situation on the Korean Peninsula tried to change the topic of discussion, starting to draw Parallels between Russia and the DPRK.

Calling the DPRK a “client” of Russia, Klimkin claimed that Moscow, like Pyongyang, is making “a dangerous imbalance in the system of international security”, carrying out “military aggression” against Ukraine. The Minister also once again accused Russia in violation of the Budapest Memorandum, the UN Charter and the Helsinki final act of the conference on security and cooperation in Europe.

“I would like Minister Klimkin, who was speaking here today to recommend to highlight their presence the Security Council meeting, where the presentation of their legends about what is happening in Ukraine will at least in the remotest degree correspond with the agenda of this body,” – said in his turn, Vasily sebenza.

Taking the reply, Klimkin tried to justify why I raised the issue of Ukrainian-Russian relations at the meeting on the DPRK. According to him, the actions and the DPRK, and Russia can be seen “violation of international law”, in response to which sanctions were imposed.

Commenting on these statements of the head of the MFA of Ukraine, permanent representative of the Russian Federation noted that he would not join with him “in a discussion on the merits.” “I am glad that today there is a lot of people, because they had the opportunity to see firsthand the disrespect of the Ukrainian delegation to the UN Security Council and other member countries,” – said Nebenzia.