The state Duma ratified the agreement with Syria to expand naval base in Tartus

MOSCOW, December 21. /TASS/. The state Duma at additional plenary meeting on Thursday ratified the agreement with Syria “On extending the territory of the item logistics (MTO) of the Russian Navy in the port of Tartus and visits of military ships of the Russian Federation in the territorial sea, internal waters and ports of the Syrian Arab Republic.”

The purpose of the document deposited on 13 December, the Russian President, is the creation of the legal base regulating the conditions of stay of the item logistics of the Russian Navy. They regulated the functioning, the procedure for the entry and exit of warships of the Russian Federation, property relations, and the use of land plots and water areas. “The agreement gives Russia the right at the same time to keep the item logistics of the Russian Navy to 11 warships, including ships with nuclear power installations”, – told, addressing the meeting, Deputy head of the defense Ministry Nikolai Pankov.


The agreement is for 49 years and is automatically extended for successive 25-year periods.

“The ratification of the agreement is of strategic importance. The presence on the territory of Syria the MTO item fully meets the goals of maintaining peace and stability in the region, is defensive in nature and not directed against other States”, – said at the plenary session the head of the profile Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky.