Putin said about the aggressive nature of the new national security strategy of the United States

TASS, 22 Dec. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the new strategy of US national security is the aggressive nature.

“The United States has recently outlined its defense strategy. In diplomatic language, if I may say, it is certainly offensive in nature, and if you go to a military language, it is definitely aggressive,” – said the head of state, speaking at the enlarged meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

He tasked the Russian military: “We must take it into account in our practical work.”

“Let’s call a spade a spade: referring to the events in Europe, we are talking about offensive infrastructure that is created there when it comes to violations by United States Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles of 1987, unfortunately”, – stated Putin.

For example, he cited Romania and Poland. “Romania is already placed in Poland and the unfolding of the American universal launchers of missile defense,” – said the President. In his words, “formally, they are for the missiles, but the fact that this is a universal setting.” “They can be used for start-up existing cruise missiles, sea-based missiles with a range of 2500 km. and in this case they cease to be sea-based missiles, they can be easily moved on the land, the territory. That is, the launcher for protivoraket at any time can become launchers for cruise missiles of average range”, – stated the head of state.

Putin also said that the United States violated the INF. According to him, Washington leads to the destruction of contract, looking for the alleged violations on the part of Moscow.

“Used in the United States of America missile targets to test missile defense systems according to its characteristics, is identical to ballistic missiles, medium-range and shorter-range. They already have and are used. Their production in the U.S. may indicate the development prohibited by the INF Treaty technologies”, – said the head of state.

He noted that “the Pentagon for the year 2018, the allocated funds for the creation of a mobile missile system land-based missile with a range of up to 5,500 km.”

The Russian leader is convinced: “the U.S., in fact, lead to the destruction of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range”. “All the time seek out any violations on our part, and themselves consistently working on it,” said Putin. The President reminded that the United States acted similarly, “at the time, consistently and persistently engaged in the withdrawal from the ABM Treaty, that in the end, unilaterally and did.” “Of course, all this seriously reduces the level of security in Europe and in the world as a whole”, – said the head of the Russian state.

Putin said that Russia has a sovereign right to respond adequately to threats from the aggressive development of military infrastructure, particularly the United States in Europe. “Russia has a sovereign right to all of the ability to adequately and timely respond to such potential threats, – said the head of state. – If necessary, please promptly to prepare and to make reasonable suggestions for correction of military planning documents, to improve the level of defensibility of the country”.

The President demanded to closely monitor the change in the balance of power in the world, especially at the borders of the Russian Federation in the conflict regions in Europe, given the us missile defense system. “The most carefully need to monitor changes in the balance of power and military-political situation in the world, especially near the Russian borders, as well as strategically important to our security regions, including the Middle East is concerned, the Korean Peninsula, where there was a high potential for conflict, and certainly in Europe, where an accelerated pace is building up the infrastructure of the US and NATO,” – said the head of state.

According to the Russian leader, “the situation around Syria, in General military-political situation in the world confirm the correctness and timeliness of our solutions to strengthen the army and Navy, in the direction of the necessary resources for active military construction.”

“Special emphasis should be done for equipping troops with precision weapons of air, land and sea-based unmanned strike complexes, as well as means of individual equipment, the latest systems of intelligence, communications and electronic warfare,” said Putin.

The head of state has demanded to ensure the implementation of these plans in the first months of next year. “We will keep under constant control”, – he concluded.