CEC has published data on incomes of Zhirinovsky in six years

MOSCOW, December 30. /TASS/. LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who became the first registered candidate on a post of the President of Russia, for the last six years earned more than 98 million rubles. It follows from the data submitted the nomination to the CEC and published on Saturday on the website of the Commission.

By law, all candidates for nomination for election of the President provide to the CEC data on income in six years and their sources, as well as information about the property. The CEC registered Zhirinovsky the candidate on 29 December, before other contenders for the highest office.

According to the CEC, income Zhirinovsky six years amounted to 98 million 291 thousand. As sources, besides the salary of the Deputy of the state Duma, stated several universities, in particular the faculty of sociology of Lomonosov Moscow state University, Moscow state engineering University (MAMI), Russian Academy of national economy and state service under the President of the Russian Federation, as well as income from deposits and securities, pensions, royalties and the sale of the property.

Zhirinovsky indicated that he owns two plots in the Moscow region and eight houses there. He also has a two car garage and a swimming pool. He owns a Lada 212140 (“field”) 2014 release.

On the accounts or as deposits in banks the presidential candidate from the liberal democratic party is about 30 million rubles. Also, Zhirinovsky has shares of VTB Bank.

Election spending

As follows from the financial report provided by Zhirinovsky to the CEC, the leader of the liberal democratic party as of 25 Dec has not allocated funds in its electoral Fund and not spending money out of it.

After the official nomination to the presidential elections, the candidate provides to the CEC the documents. If with papers all in order, the Commission registers the authorized representatives for financial issues and gives the candidate the right to open a special election account for formation of election Fund, the amount of which may not exceed 400 million rubles.

The agitation materials and the collection of signatures of voters may be financed from the election Fund. Zhirinovsky from collecting signatures released, as a candidate of the parliamentary party. This allowed him already on December 27 to hand over documents on registration and December 29 to become the first registered candidate for the presidency.

For registration, the applicant will provide to the CEC the first financial report. The report said Zhirinovsky, as of December 25, on his election account funds, respectively, expenses.

The Russian presidential election on March 18.