Medvedev hopes that the new year will be generous for the happy event

TASS, 31 Dec. Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev congratulated the Russians on New year and expressed the hope that 2018 will be generous with happy events and new opportunities.

“I hope that he will reveal to each of us new opportunities and allow you to achieve success in our endeavors. And of course, let come true wishes that we make under the chiming clock”, – reads the statement of the Prime Minister, posted Sunday on the website of the Cabinet.

Medvedev also expressed hope that the warmth of communication, which give these festive days spent with family, filled with people for a long time, positive energy, and 2018 will justify all the hopes and bring prosperity and joy to every family.

“Please accept my sincere wishes for health and happiness, let all be good!” Prime Minister concluded.