Election site of Vladimir Putin started

MOSCOW, January 15. /TASS/. Campaign website of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is running for presidential election in 2018 as the independent candidate, began work in the Internet at putin2018.ru.

As reported previously TASS co-Chairman of Putin’s staff, Elena Shmeleva, the website is going to make the most informative and convenient. “We want there to be a large amount of factual information that is associated with the current projects and the projects to which Vladimir Putin was involved,” said Shmeleva. “Also on the website we plan to post information about authorised persons”, she added.

Kondrashov stressed that “production and technical support paid from the electoral Fund of Vladimir Putin, the price of development and maintenance of the project during the election period amounted to 1.5 million rubles.”

Site sections: about the candidate the country, volunteers and Trustees

The motto of the website is “a Strong President – a strong Russia”, which is backed by Putin’s quote: “If I undertake something, I try to bring the case to a logical conclusion, or at least to bring the matter to the maximum effect.”

The site contains seven main sections: “Achievements”, “campaign Diary”, “Trustees”, “Biography”, “support Team”, “Volunteers”, “Contacts”. Readers can compare “the Russia of the present” and “Future”. So, the news of the moment, you can learn about the scale of the world youth festival in Sochi, the elimination of queues in kindergartens, reducing crime, increasing exports of agricultural products. In the section on the future of the country are published, for example, plans to increase the salaries of doctors, about the growth of the equipment of the army with modern weapons, the protection of cryptocurrency a special law, the construction of Crimean bridge.

As explained Kondrashov, “one of the sections of the portal will inform users about the achievements of Russia under the leadership of the country Putin, and in the section “Diaries” campaign will highlight the activities of Putin as candidate for President.”

In the section “support Team”, according to the press Secretary of the headquarters, lists community support Putin in social networks. Currently it presents more than 12 communities, uniting supporters of the candidate in social networks.

In particular, in this segment are reminded that the nomination of Putin in the elections has the support of many parties and public organizations, including “United Russia” “Fair Russia”, “Volunteers” Victory of the popular front and others. The creators of the site explain that the campaign staff decided to abandon the establishment of their own communities in social networks, as they are “already there are many groups of supporters of Putin with a huge audience”. According to the creators of the resource, “they are very important and valuable that many of the creators and administrators of these groups responded to the call of the head of the “Victory Volunteers” Olga Amelchenko to help the staff with the distribution of content and to join the initiative group”.

Among resources, which cooperate with the staff, lists the following group of “Vkontakte”, as in “I really like Putin!” “Team Putin”, “Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin”, “Polite people” and several others. All groups are informal communities of support for the candidate and the structure of the headquarters are not included, say the creators of the site.

One of the key features of the site Kondrashov called “the opportunity to fill out a form to participate in the campaign as a volunteer”. “This section elaborates on the capabilities of everyone who wants to participate in the election”, he added.

In a separate section of the website – “Trustees” presented the first part of the list of trusted persons of the candidate, and certified by the CEC.

The site also has a section with a detailed biography of Putin, you may contact the regional headquarters and the public reception of the candidate, which opened Monday in Moscow, provides for the list of Executive staff of the headquarters, among which, in particular, as chief of staff of the headquarters is the head of the President on internal policy Andrey Yarin.

“On the website is a single telephone staff call to which all interested persons can learn the answers to their questions about the election campaign of Putin”, – informed the spokesman.

Media representatives will find the portal interesting information, such as announcements of upcoming events, rules of accreditation of staff.

Kondrashov is assured that the website will be updated regularly, and it will appear not only new materials but also new sections. Provided adaptation resource for the visually impaired.

Elections are March 18

The Russian presidential election will be held on 18 March, acting Russian President Vladimir Putin has nominated them self. To register as a candidate it is necessary to collect not less than 300 thousand signatures of citizens. Their collection began on 5 January and, according to the press-Secretary of the election headquarters of presidential candidate Andrei Kondrashov, on the morning of January 15 was collected more than 711 thousand autographs. Although the Central electoral Commission the candidate may submit for examination no more than 315 thousand signatures, at the headquarters of the promise that the collection will continue, so that everyone could Express their support for Putin.