Kosachev: the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland changes of professionals in calling for sanctions “political workers”

MOSCOW, January 17. /TASS/. The decision of the Polish foreign Ministry MGIMO University, working in the office may be unpleasant, it is in line with trends obschezapadnuyu replacement versed in Russian Affairs specialists to “officers”. This opinion was expressed on Wednesday by the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev.

“It’s not only Polish, but obschezapadnuyu trend: really versed in Russian Affairs people to replace the “Commissars” and on those who put on sanctions and not on dialogue. Of course, it can not but rejoice, because to deal with politicienii, but incompetent commissioners much more difficult than even hard, but realistic professionals,” Kosachev wrote on his page in Facebook.

In his opinion, the intent of the new foreign Minister of Poland Jacek Czaputowicz to be held in the Ministry reshuffle, in which I plan to fire mostly MGIMO graduates, “looks like the actions of the Bolsheviks after the October revolution, [when] for the first time in the history of Russia there was a complete replacement of the diplomatic apparatus, and the Ministry of foreign Affairs took the people’s Commissariat for foreign Affairs (pcfa)”.

“However, I believe that the current acceleration of the guardian in Warsaw is not just the next stage of the witch hunt in Polish. Though it, too,” said the Senator.

He added that not all foreign graduates of MGIMO Soviet or Russian periods left our country with a pronounced Pro-Russian (Pro-Soviet) views and even Vice versa. “However, trained in our country, it seems, prevented his country to another: they know the real Russia, not her demonic image drawn by politicians and media in Poland (and not only). They know the Russians as engage in dialogue with them and negotiate. I know that there are not aliens or wolves snarled, and the same people with their interests and beliefs, which can and need to talk,” – said the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs.