Moscow will respond to a mirror, if the United States will maintain measures against the Russian media

WASHINGTON, January 17. /TASS/. Moscow intends to meet the mirror, if the United States continues to apply restrictive measures against the Russian press. This is stated in a statement on Wednesday statement, the Russian Embassy in the United States.

“If restrictive measures against the press will continue, we will reply mirror. Always will be, whatever sanctions we do not threatened”, – said in the text released on the official website of the Embassy in Facebook.

“The other day – January 13 – Russian journalists celebrated their professional holiday. In the U.S. this event for them was overshadowed by another decision of the authorities be forced to register as a foreign agent, another organization which serves the Russian media. We see this as the failure of the West to fair competition in the information field. The desire to deprive citizens of access to alternative opinion, the rejection of the proclaimed freedoms,” the statement said.

The Committee to protect journalists

As noted by the Embassy, the situation has “become the norm”. “As the absence of any high-profile manifestations of corporate solidarity or resentment of those who took on the task of protecting the rights and freedoms of journalists in the West. Is not protested and the Committee to protect journalists (CPJ), demonstrating bias, prejudice and inability to provide equal approaches in the pursuit of “common standards”, – noted in the Russian diplomatic mission.

“Even more explicit was their hypocrisy since, as it turned out that the extremist Ukrainian site “Peacemaker” has moved to servers in the United States – more than three months ago. It published the personal data of those right-wing radicals are considered enemies of Ukraine. Among them lists of thousands of media representatives (including American) who participated in the coverage of events in Ukraine, in particular in the Donbass. Thus, jeopardized their lives and safety,” drew the attention of the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

As it noted, the Russian side considers “the desire of the organization to use any occasion for critical attacks on Russia” instead of “decisive action to curb the activities of “Peacemaker.” “Otherwise, as a demonstration of double standards. this behavior can not be named. And this is deeply disappointing,” said the Russian Embassy.

At the end of November last year, the Director of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova told reporters that Russia sent a note to the state Department in connection with the fact that the site “Peacemaker”, which published the personal information of journalists covering the events in the Donbas, moved to the us servers. The document contains the requirement to deny the site “at the American residence, because of the activities of this so-called peacekeeping website already suffered not a single journalist,” she said. The diplomat added that the site “Peacemaker” also undermine the journalists that “such a carefully guarded by the world community” and threatens their security.

The actions of the US Department of justice

As previously reported by the Russian Embassy in Washington, January 10 it became known about the requirement of the U.S. Department of justice in relation to producing content for Agency Sputnik company RIA Global. The Agency stated that it will be able to continue working only if you register as a foreign agent. The U.S. justice Department in a document dated January 5, claimed that the company engaged in “political activities in the United States in the interests of the International information Agency “Russia today”. After registration, Global RIA, as noted, will be able to continue working, but the ethers will need to be accompanied by a notification of the status of a foreign agent.

Earlier in the USA in the registered as foreign agents was introduced, RT America, while other foreign media including the British BBC, Chinese CCTV, the French TV channel France 24, such requirements from the American side are not presented.