Zhirinovsky suggested that the United States “out of Olympus” and to become a regional power

MOSCOW, January 17. /TASS/. LDPR leader and presidential candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that the United States failed to implement its global objectives in foreign policy, they “need to get rid of Olympus”.

“Of course they [the U.S.] global goal failed. They need to climb down from Olympus, to become a regional power and to leave to itself”, – said the leader of LDPR reporters on Wednesday.

Arguing their point of view, Zhirinovsky reminded that previously published the national security strategy of the United States, where Russia and China are recognised as major threats. “The United States published a national security strategy. We really have surpassed them”, – said the leader of the LDPR.

According to him, this is manifested in the relations with China, where “the United States tried to break us, and we, on the contrary, friends,” and Iran, which “strategic partner and ally of Russia.” “The DPRK is nothing they have not succeeded, Europe strained relations”, he concluded.