Veselnitskaya: “dossier” on trump is not suitable as evidence in court

NEW YORK, January 20. /TASS/. The so-called incriminating dossier on the President of the United States Donald trump prepared by the Washington firm Fusion of GPS, cannot be taken as evidence in court. This opinion was expressed by the American TV channel Fox News a Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya that in the summer of 2016 met with trump’s son and sought the services at Fusion GPS about the “Magnitsky act”. Channel 19 Jan posted extract Veselnitskaya answers to the questions.

“For me personally, this document is really no good,” said the lawyer. “I didn’t have to read it to the end, because this kind of paper make you want to take a shower after reading,” she added. “Below do not come up, yellowness and rumors. It’s overkill,” said Veselnitskaya.

Preparation of dirt on trump was carried out from 2015 to order supporters of the Republican party, speaking with a sharp criticism of the billionaire. Order received Fusion of GPS, led by Glenn Simpson, a former journalist of the newspaper The Wall Street Journal. Later to work on the dossier was connected to a former agent of British intelligence is Christopher Steele. According to the newspaper The New York Times, when it became clear that trump is the most likely candidate for nomination as a presidential candidate, the Republicans stopped the funding of Fusion GPS, but the initiative was immediately seized by the Democrats.

In the “dossier” claimed that the Russian security services allegedly have information of a personal and financial nature, defamatory trump. The last named subject records and corresponding publications in the media and bogus political witch-hunt. Set forth in those materials the information in the end none were not confirmed.