Nebesa: the episode with himachali in Syria “successfully be adjusted” to the Congress on netdialog in Sochi

UN 23 Jan. /TASS/. The episode of alleged chemical attack in Syria, a fact of which yet to be confirmed, “very well be adjusted” to meet the US and like-minded people in Paris, as well as to the upcoming Sochi Congress of the Syrian national dialogue. This was stated on Tuesday, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia at the meeting of the UN Security Council.

Commenting on reports of new chemical attack near Damascus, the diplomat said that representatives of the United States and great Britain “unequivocally” blamed the incident on the Syrian government and tried to “drag” it to Russia.

“By the way, does anyone else find it strange that this supposedly happened in the episode, the accuracy of which remains to be verified, and if confirmed to identify the perpetrators, once very well be adjusted to meet in Paris for the upcoming Sochi Congress of the national Syrian dialogue. An amazing coincidence,” stated the sebenza.

Nebenzia also said that the United States present themselves to the eyes of the international community in rejecting from the outset the Russian proposal on the adoption of the resolution of the UN Security Council on the establishment of a new structure for the investigation of chemical attacks in Syria.

“The fact that our resolution is rejected out of hand speaks volumes. This again gives the truth, which we, unfortunately, know. USA need no independent professional mechanism. You not only give the truth, but you give yourself in the eyes of the international community,” the diplomat said.

He criticized the US for trying to hold the Syrian authorities responsible for the alleged chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus on January 22, “prior to any investigation.” “You arrogate to themselves the role of judge and Prosecutor. Do you even understand what you this issue? If you are serious in the desire to create an independent professional attribute mechanism, at least read the draft resolution, before rejecting it,” – said Nebenzia.

Earlier, The Associated Press, citing activists of the organization “White helmets” reported that “the Syrian government carried out the Monday attack with the use of, allegedly, poison gas, injuring around 20 civilians” in areas controlled by the armed groups near the city of Duma on the outskirts of Damascus. The Syrian government, according to the Agency, denies the use of chemical weapons.

The UN Security Council on Tuesday on Russia’s initiative, gathered for an emergency meeting to discuss the situation with the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Taking the floor first, Russia’s permanent representative apologized to the members of the security Council “for ruining the Siesta”. According to him, Moscow convened a public meeting because the topic of chemical attacks in Syria “is too important to divert the discussion in closed consultations”. “Besides, we have nothing to hide,” added the diplomat.

At the meeting, the permanent representative of Russia announced the introduction of SB resolution on the establishment of new international structures to investigate chemical attacks in Syria, which will operate “on the basis of impeccable and irrefutable data.” In the ensuing discussion, the majority of the countries-members of the security Council, including France, Bolivia, Kazakhstan, China, côte D’ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, expressed readiness to study the proposal of the Russian Federation.

In turn, the permanent representative of the United States to the UN, Nikki Haley spoke rather sharply about Russia’s initiative, stating that it aims to divert international attention from the new reports of chemical attacks in Syria and meetings on this issue in Paris. According to her, in Washington “will not accept any proposal of Russia, if it will counteract the movement of the international community to the truth”.

Answering the statements of the American colleagues, nebesa urged members of the security Council “to overcome differences, to engage in dialogue and try to recover the lost unity of the Council”. “That was the purpose of our offer”, – he explained.