The new government of Dagestan should be formed within 14 days

MAKHACHKALA, February 6. /TASS./ From the new government of Dagestan, which must be formed within 14 days from the date of the resignation of the previous, will wait not only address key socio-economic issues of the region and change the traditional political order, which meant the so-called “national quota” in the allocation of positions in the national government.

A number of key posts in Dagestan, the Cabinet can hold managers drawn from other regions. The first of them may become the Minister of economy of Tatarstan Artyom zdunov, whose candidature of acting head of Dagestan, Vladimir Vasiliev, invited for the post of Prime Minister. TASS said politicians and experts, commenting on the upcoming changes in the government of Dagestan.

Vasilyev on 5 February dismissed the government of the Republic after several high-ranking team of officials from the former head of the Republic Ramazan Abdulatipov, the acting head of the government Abdusamad Gamidov, his Deputy and former education Minister Shahabaz shahs – was arrested on charges of misappropriation of funds allocated from the budget of the Republic of Dagestan for the implementation of social programs in the region. According to the court all the detainees arrested by 5 April.

Tuesday Vasiliev made to the National Assembly of the Republic of candidacy Zdunov, the head of the Ministry of economy of Tatarstan 2014, for the post of head of the Republican government.

To attract staff from

The purge, begun in the structures of the Republican government – part of an overall policy, acting head of the Republic Vasilyev aimed at “whitewashing” of Dagestan Republic, told TASS the Deputy of the state Duma from the Republic of Hajime nǝbiağalı. “The previous head [Ramazan Abdulatipov] talked about it too, but unfortunately, this has not been done. Now it is necessary to form a new government, to attract modern managers, who have proven themselves,” said Safaraliev.

According to political scientist Arthur Atayev, which deals with the problems of the Caucasus, today in the Republic there is the update request, including in the personnel policy.

“Yes, the people and the various ethnic groups of Dagestan are accustomed to the traditional way of forming the political elite, when authorities fixed one or another national minority or the majority. But they also very tired of this, tired of sharing transfers from the Federal budget, from the open demonstrative of the division of political portfolios. Marker this fatigue is how took Vasilyev – the person completely from the outside, which is not incorporated in any of the traditional current political and economic enclaves,” said Ataev TASS.

According to him, no visible opposition from the Dagestan society and local elites suggests that in Dagestan, “at the grassroots level people are taking the fight against corruption and quota system personnel.”

Ataev also said that if approved Zdunov candidates for the post of head of the government of the Republic, he will be able to make a pretty good tandem with the acting head of the Republic Vasiliev.

“Vasiliev – the person who sells to a greater extent the anti-crisis program of recovery frames, and Zdunov is a purely economic pragmatist who, to a certain extent be able to exist even in offline mode. If his economic strategy will be approved and adopted at regional and Federal levels, it will work on specific initiatives and projects”, – said the interlocutor of the TASS.

To spread the success in Dagestan

According to a senior researcher of the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration (Ranepa) and the Gaidar Institute, the Caucasus Konstantin Kazenin, a personnel decision Vasilyeva in respect of the future Prime Minister is generally in the trend of its cooperation with the successful regions of Russia with a large share of the Muslim population.

That the candidate be approved Zdunov, no doubt, and the Deputy of the state Duma from Dagestan Zaur of Askenderov. “I think the problems will be. Because the man himself, he worked in this direction in the economy. I think that the deputies will ask him questions, and the answers will allow you to make a decision if it is approved, we will of course help the new Prime Minister,” said Askenderov TASS.

The government of Tatarstan, where they still worked Zdunov, TASS said that I think making his candidacy for the post of Prime Minister of Dagestan highest rate of work of the regional Minister. “The government of Tatarstan glad that Artem Zdunov provided with such high confidence. It is an indicator of high appreciation of his work. Zdunov professional high – class specialist. I hope that he will justify the confidence and cope with the tasks,” – said the press service of the government of Tatarstan.

A day earlier Zdunov arrived in Dagestan delegation headed by the head of the Republic Rustam Minnikhanov. The presidents of the two republics signed an agreement on cooperation, the head of Dagestan flattering about the experience of colleagues from Tatarstan spending budget.

When Sedunova, vozglavlyaet Ministry of economy of one of the donor regions of Russia for about four years, in 2015, was formed by the strategy of socio-economic development of Tatarstan till 2030. Zdunov participated in the development of the project.

The test for Zdunov was erupted in late 2016, the banking crisis in the Republic, including after the collapse of the Bank with the Republican part – of Tatfondbank. Then the economy Ministry has opened a telephone hotline and on the basis of the chamber of Commerce and industry of Tatarstan was organized by the center advice and support of investors, was also developed banking products, which could benefit the depositors.