Nebesa: progress in addressing the situation of departmenet of the Russian Federation in the United States no

UN, February 10. /TASS./ No progress in resolving the situation with blocked Russian departmenet in the United States is not observed. This was stated on Friday to the Russian journalists, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia.

“No progress [there],” said the diplomat, commenting on the situation. According to him, the Russian side every two weeks send to the U.S. Department of state’s request “to visit these objects for inspection of their condition”, but regularly receives from the Americans, “the bounce and the standard reply that they are doing everything possible to ensure that these facilities are maintained in good condition”.

He confirmed that at the end of the year, Russia has made the issue of blocked departmenet in the report of the UN Committee on relations with the host country. “We have this question drew another thing is that by itself, the Committee on relations with the host country may not solve the issue. This is a problem in our bilateral relationship with the Americans,” – said the permanent representative of the Russian Federation.

Commenting on the situation with the issuance of U.S. visas to Russian officials, nebesa noted that sometimes there are difficulties. At the same time, he stressed that when it comes to the diplomats, “who come to participate in the activities of the United Nations, as a rule, problems do not happen”.